Your iPhone records your life with photos. 

The app “PhotoRanking” makes special rankings about you, like Highest place top 100, Closest to the North Pole top 100, most far places top 100 and etc. 

You can see not only photos of these rankings but also a place of the photos on the map, altitude, time, distances. 

Enjoy a new style of exploring photos of your life by “PhotoRanking”.

Top screen

You can see various rankings.


If you add/delete photos or, your current position has changed, please update rankings by touching the [Update button] on upper-right couner in this screen.


If you would like to change settings of these rankings, please touch [Settings button] on upper-left couner in this screen.

Ranking List

You can see the ranking which you select in the top screen.


In this example, this ranking is the Closest places to the Equator top 100.

Photos are grouped by time and place.


The 1st group of this rankings has 2 photos.




Thumbnail screen

This screen shows thumbnail photos of the group which you select in the ranking list.


By touching the thumbnail, you can see a large image of the photo in the photo viewer screen.


You can see the place of the photo by clicking the [Map icon].


Photo viewer screen

You can see the photo you selecte in the thumbnail screen.


By pinching gestures, you can enlarge , small and scroll the photo.


You can see the place of the photo by touching [Map Button] on the upper-right corner.

Map screen

You can see the place of the photo on the map.


Settings screen

You can set up the grouping of photos, time setting for late night and early morning and Ranking size.


Please update rankings by touching [update! button] if you change these settings.