CamColoringBook - Line Sketch from Photo

CamColoringBook is an iPhone and iPad applied to draw a line sketch for coloring of camera photo.

For kids, you can get a cute and funny line sketch from illustrations and animation characters. For adults, you can enjoy coloring a beautiful and detailed line sketch from landscape photographs.


You can enjoy coloring the line sketch on the paper after printing out and you can also enjoy coloring with using this Application.



*You can print out the sketches by an Apple's AirPrint printer. If you don't have it, please send the sketch to any printable PC by e-mail.

Direction for use

1. Add line sketch

To add new line sketch, please touch camera button on upper-right of the screen.

You can choose the photo source from “Camera”, “Photo Library” and “Camera Roll”.

You can take a new photo by choosing “Camera”.

You can use a photo stored on your device by choosing “Photo album” or “Camera roll”.



2. All pages

By touching photos stack, you can expand photos or make photos stack.


Photo stacks hold “Original Photo”, “Line Sketch” and “Coloring page”.



3. Line sketch

You can see a line sketch for coloring by touching “Line sketch”.


By touching lower-left buttons, you can increase / decrease the lines.


You want to try coloring the line sketch, please touch painting button in the lower-center of the screen. (See Chap.4)


To delete the photos stack, please touch trash button.




By touching upper-right buttons, you can see the original photo and sample coloring page.

4. Coloring page

You can move the target for painting position.


If you want to paint the current color, please touch brush button.


By touching a palette button, you can change the current color.

The sample color for the target position is shown on the upper - right of the color palette.


By touching an action button, you can print out the coloring page and send it by e-mail.



To delete the coloring page, please touch the trash button.