AR PriceEye

How much in my home currency?


You now get the answer by this Augmented Reality Application

“AR PriceEye”.

Just point your iPhone at the price tag in shops or the menu in restaurants when you travel abroad.


  • The converted price is superimposed on the realtime view on the screen of your iPhone.
  • This app recognizes the original price within the rectangle frame on the realtime view and converts to your home currency.
  • The rectangle frame is movable & resizable.
  • You can set exchange rate and currency units for both the original price and the converted price.

See-through Screen

  • Recognition Frame (green) is movable by drag.
  • Recognition Frame is resizable by using a slide bar in the bottom of the screen.
  • The original price is drawn above the recognition frame.
  • The converted price is drawn below the recognition frame.
  • The color of the recognition frame means following;  
    Green : recognition stable.
    Yellow: recognition unstable.
    Red: no recognition
  • By pushing the pause button, you can see the snapshot.
  • By pushing the setting button, you can set currency exchange rate, etc.

Settings Page

Set currency exchange rate.

This example shows JPY ¥79 = USD $1. 


Select original currency unit and converted currency unit from the list.



*When there is no suitable currency unit in the list,

Please use the decimal fraction of the currency.

For example, the currency is expressed by 1/100 unit like $50.99 (Ex. US Dollar), you should choose “1/100”.

The currency is expressed by 1/1000 unit (Ex. Tunisian Dinar), you should choose “1/1000”.

And the currency is expressed without decimal fraction (Ex. Japanese Yen), you should choose “1/1”.