Welcome to Chickpea Lab.

Chickpea Lab. is focussing on research, develop and supply Smartphone Applications.


Like a Chickpea, we are very small, but we hope to be a valuable for human life.


Chickpea Lab. are founded in 11th, November, 2011.



  • CamColoringBook - Line Sketch from Photo

    CamColoringBook is an iPhone and iPad applied to draw a line sketch for coloring of camera photo.

    For kids, you can get a cute and funny line sketch from illustrations and animation characters. For adults, you can enjoy coloring a beautiful and detailed line sketch from landscape photographs.You can enjoy coloring the line sketch on the paper after printing out and you can also enjoy coloring with using this Application.

  • DIY IDPhoto - Print Various size into one paper

    DIY IDPhoto can print out various size IDPhotos in one paper easily using AirPrint printers. If you don't have an AirPrint printer, DIY IDPhoto can make print out image as PDF file and send it by e-mail as attached file to PC which is connecting to printers. This app also can make IDPhoto as image file (JPEG file) and send it by e-mail, so you can submit the IDPhoto electrically.

  • PayMap
    The PayMap is a very simple and easy system of your personal expense management.

    You just need to enter the paid money at the purchase locations.
    The PayMap is a free application, can be used in iPhone , iPad.
    (Upgrade functions are need to pay.)
  • Protect your privacy - PrivacySafe
    PrivacySafe protects your privacy information like photos, movies, contacts of your important person and IDs like account name & passwords stored in your iPhone and iPod, from someone's stealing and sneaking a look or your losing the devices. 
  • AR PriceEye
    How much in my home currency?
    You now get the answer by this Augmented Reality Application “AR PriceEye”.
    Just point your iPhone at the price tag in shops or the menu in restaurants when you travel abroad. 
  • PixMemo - Easy taking notes by camera, Easy accessing notes by smart recommendation
    PixMemo helps easy taking a note using camera and recommends suitable notes for your situation. You can add handwritten lines and texts in the note. And you can also send the note as an attached PDF file by e-mail or as data via Bluetooth between devices.
  • PhotoDict -Just take a photo, you can get its meaning.
    What does the word mean?You now get the answer by this Augmented Reality Application “photoDict”. Just point your iPhone at the word on the sign board or the newspaper. 
  • Wine Lover Log - recall your good wine memories by image matching technorlogy
    Only taking a photo of a bottle label, this app recalls the memory of the wine. 
    When you open a wine bottle, Let's take a photo of a bottle label by this app “WineLoverLog”. This app can find out the record of the wine you had before by using an image matching technology
  • Sake Lover Log
    Only taking a photo of a bottle label, this app recalls the memory of the Japanese sake (Rice wine). When you open a sake bottle, Let's take a photo of a bottle label by this app "SakeLoverLog". This app can find out the record of the sake you had before by using an image matching technology. 
  • PhotoRanking
    Your iPhone records your life with photos. 
    The app “PhotoRanking” makes special rankings about you, like Highest place top 100, Closest to the North Pole top 100, most far places top 100 and etc.  
  • CamWorkbook
    Just take a photo of textbooks, notebooks or blackboards, these photos become your workbooks. 

    Once you made workbooks by putting mask rectangles on the photos, you can practice the workbooks anytime anywhere only with your iPhone. 
  • camFlashcards - Just take a photo, you can make flash cards.
    Just take a photo of unknown word in textbooks, newspapers or magazines, you can make flashcards of a word and the translation to Japanese/Chinese. This app “camFlashcards” is suitable for Japanese and Chinese who is learning English words.
  • CamScale - Easy remodeling by your iPhone
     By using your iPhone's camere, you can measure width, depth and height of furniture. As same as above, you can measure space in which you want to place furniture, and confirm the placed image in the space. You can use iPhone with "CamScale" instead of a tape measure in your moving, remodeling of your room.
  • Contract-based Software development and Technical Adviser
    We have a good skill about location-based functions, car driver support functions and Camera-based functions of Smartphone. Please contact to us.